Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spirits, Stilettos, and a Silver Bustier

Spirits, Stilettos, and a Silver Bustier
-Deanna Chase
First off, I love the title and it was what made me decide to read the book.  I have read 1 ½ of the Jade series which this book is an offshoot of and while those books were well written they just didn’t snag me and bring me in all of the way.  I only bring this up so you can rest assured that you do not need to have read the other series before reading this one.  I had no issue knowing what was going on.  There are definite hints that certain characters have a history together but that just made me want to maybe give the Jade series a second chance.
Pyper sounds similar to myself in her attitude, demeanor and clothing choices that I wonder if she may be my long lost twin. (lol)   I found Julius interesting, but then, who wouldn’t find a ghost who could also appears human uninteresting.   
Did not see the twist coming.  Even though the story was mostly wrapped up, with only 15% of the book to go, I in no way saw the twist coming.  Love it!  Most authors and stories just march on in an expected order and I usually see twist coming a ways off but not this time.  The twist added so much more depth and detail to the story that I cannot wait to read the next book in the Pyper series.
Deanna Chase is a creative writer who takes the time to form her characters and their world.  You will not find grammar, sentence, ‘verbiage’ or similar errors within her books.  The same can be said with the editing and formatting for those of you that maybe purchasing this book for your Kindle (like I did).  For me there is nothing worse than having to stop reading for either a grammar type error or a formatting error, like giant spaces between words.  If this is something that bothers you, too, then rest assured you will never have this issue with a book by Deanna Chase.  You should also check out her Jade and her Crescent City Fae series.

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