Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blood of the Lost

Blood of the Lost
Book 10 of the Rylee Adamson Series
Shannon Mayer
4.5 Bookgasums
Just three little words will rock your world to the core.
I could not give this final book in one of my favorite series 5 bookgasums due to the first person point of view style it was written in.  I am not a fan of this style where every chapter is a different character’s point of view.  This style slows down my reading, causes me confusion and makes it very hard to get into the story.
I went into this book not really wanting to read it because I didn’t want to see this series end and because I knew there would be emotional losses that would have me in tears.  The last 25% of the book I was in tears or sobbing to the point I couldn’t see the book.  Be warned; have tissues close by.
Don’t let what I have said so far turn you away from this book.  Ms. Mayer did a superb job ending the story.  She was able to mention all of Rylee’s ‘family’; both those alive and those that have died along the way in this 10 book series.
The book was free of grammar, typos, and formatting issues.  As I stated before, the characters though out the series were mentioned and all the loose ends were tied up so readers are not left wondering what happened to so and so.  Yes, there will be tears but some will be tears of remembered happiness too. 
Ms. Mayer has a new series starring Lark, who we have met in 2 of the Rylee books.  I am hoping we get to visit with some of the Rylee crew again within the Elemental series.  Blood of the Lost is a must read book.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hell's Geek

Hell’s Geek
Welcome to Hell Series
Book #5
Eva Langlais
4.5 Bookgasums
Who knew Satan was a romantic and a lover of rubber duckies
In book five of the Welcome to Hell series we once again meet an Amazon warrior only this time she is to be a main character.  We also get to meet Charon’s clumsy, nerdy son who was mentioned in book four briefly.
Ms. Langlais has done it again.  The book has humor, intrigue and romance all rolled up into one story.  I could not find any structure or grammar errors which gives this book a standing ovation.  Nothing I hate more than finding errors in a book.
This book seemed like two stories in one.  We had the geek and his warrior romance story but we also had a glimpse into what I can only assume will be book 6 or at least a tie in to Ms Langlais’ other hell series.  In addition to these parts of the book we also had a developing story of Satan’s upcoming wedding and now a new villain who I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of.
I cannot wait to see what will come next.  Both in the story line but also in Satan’s hand tailored apparel.  Who can resist a man with horned rubber duckies in all the right places?

Monday, November 2, 2015

Trial by Moon

Trial by Moon
Episode One of the Trial Series
By Lizzy Ford
5 Bookgasums
3 men, 3 trials, 3 choices
“A vampire, werewolf and a Fae walked into a bar….”  Sounds like the beginning of a great joke, instead it is the beginning of a great story filled with mystery, age old riddles, and even a little romance.  Ms. Ford story intrigued me from the beginning and held me tight so that I had to keep reading.  In fact, I read this book straight through.
Deception, rules, and mysteries abound.  Every turn has your mind whirling. You will want to cheer and yet hold back because you know there is more to hear and learn.  The Kingmaker must complete 4 trials in order to pick the next king.  This trial has to do with the werewolves and finding out more about herself, her father, and her birth right.
I found no grammar, spelling or formatting issues which for me makes it an ‘A’ right away.  Nothing like errors to slow down or pull you completely out of the story, this was not the case with this story.  There was just enough description for me to see everything and not so much I got bored or tried to skip ahead.  The characters became real for me and had me cheering and booing them as the story progressed.
I am just blown away and I don’t want to leave this world Ms. Ford has woven around me.   I cannot wait to delve into the other 3 trails to find out what happens next.  I cannot say it well enough.  This was an excellent book that I would want to buy in hardback to be able to read it again.  I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review and I am very happy to say this book earned its 5 Bookgasums.