Monday, December 14, 2015

Jenna's Flaw

Jenna’s Flaw
Lee Tasey
It is not always the night we need to fear but rather the darkness from within.
This story will leave you wanting more and possibly wanting to shake the author too.  Mr. Tasey spins a very descriptive tale of not only a grad student’s life in a Midwestern, football crazed college town, but also the tale of how quickly and easily we can all be compelled and deceived into things we never wanted to believe in.  Like great writers I have read in the past, Mr. Tasey leaves the reader with more questions and wondering not only about the book but pondering these same questions onto their personal lives as well.
Lately I have only been reading romantic comedies which I love but after reading Jena’s Flaw I found myself remembering some of the great writers in the past.  Mr. Tasey’s work reminds me of H. P. Lovecraft with a dash of Mary Shelley.  Both of these authors’ works talked of how we strive for greatness but soon regret and fear that which we have created.  They also leave us with greater questions about God and what else is out there besides man.
Now on to my grading of the book.
 Let me start with what I didn’t like.  For me the pacing was a bit slow and it took sometime before getting to what I would call the ‘meat’ of the story.  The story didn’t really grab me until I was about half way through the book. However, I think this could also have been because I was not use to reading a book of such substance in quite awhile nor had I ever read a book dealing with possessions and otherworld entities.  So please do not judge the book too much on this paragraph of my review.
Grammar and spelling were spot on.  I rarely see a book that is so clean and sharp.  I tend to deduct at least ½ a star for grammar/spelling issues but that will not be the case with this book.  Since I read this book in paper instead of a Kindle/mobi format, I cannot answer formatting questions.
As I have stated, I am not use to this sub genre of paranormal so for me the plot was original and interesting.  Having grown up close to Lincoln, Nebraska, it was interesting seeing the town through the eyes of someone from the west coast.  While some of the places in the book were fictitious there were some that I knew exactly where they were and what he was talking about.  
As I stated at the beginning, the book was very descriptive.  This allowed me to not only see the action going on but I think it also helped bring the characters to life for me as well.  While reading, I could hear Jena smacking her gum while her hip was cocked as she leaned against the bus and she twirled a lock of her hair in boredom. 
If you want to find out more about Mr. Tasey and his other works please visit him on Facebook and/or Amazon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blood of the Lost

Blood of the Lost
Book 10 of the Rylee Adamson Series
Shannon Mayer
4.5 Bookgasums
Just three little words will rock your world to the core.
I could not give this final book in one of my favorite series 5 bookgasums due to the first person point of view style it was written in.  I am not a fan of this style where every chapter is a different character’s point of view.  This style slows down my reading, causes me confusion and makes it very hard to get into the story.
I went into this book not really wanting to read it because I didn’t want to see this series end and because I knew there would be emotional losses that would have me in tears.  The last 25% of the book I was in tears or sobbing to the point I couldn’t see the book.  Be warned; have tissues close by.
Don’t let what I have said so far turn you away from this book.  Ms. Mayer did a superb job ending the story.  She was able to mention all of Rylee’s ‘family’; both those alive and those that have died along the way in this 10 book series.
The book was free of grammar, typos, and formatting issues.  As I stated before, the characters though out the series were mentioned and all the loose ends were tied up so readers are not left wondering what happened to so and so.  Yes, there will be tears but some will be tears of remembered happiness too. 
Ms. Mayer has a new series starring Lark, who we have met in 2 of the Rylee books.  I am hoping we get to visit with some of the Rylee crew again within the Elemental series.  Blood of the Lost is a must read book.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hell's Geek

Hell’s Geek
Welcome to Hell Series
Book #5
Eva Langlais
4.5 Bookgasums
Who knew Satan was a romantic and a lover of rubber duckies
In book five of the Welcome to Hell series we once again meet an Amazon warrior only this time she is to be a main character.  We also get to meet Charon’s clumsy, nerdy son who was mentioned in book four briefly.
Ms. Langlais has done it again.  The book has humor, intrigue and romance all rolled up into one story.  I could not find any structure or grammar errors which gives this book a standing ovation.  Nothing I hate more than finding errors in a book.
This book seemed like two stories in one.  We had the geek and his warrior romance story but we also had a glimpse into what I can only assume will be book 6 or at least a tie in to Ms Langlais’ other hell series.  In addition to these parts of the book we also had a developing story of Satan’s upcoming wedding and now a new villain who I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of.
I cannot wait to see what will come next.  Both in the story line but also in Satan’s hand tailored apparel.  Who can resist a man with horned rubber duckies in all the right places?

Monday, November 2, 2015

Trial by Moon

Trial by Moon
Episode One of the Trial Series
By Lizzy Ford
5 Bookgasums
3 men, 3 trials, 3 choices
“A vampire, werewolf and a Fae walked into a bar….”  Sounds like the beginning of a great joke, instead it is the beginning of a great story filled with mystery, age old riddles, and even a little romance.  Ms. Ford story intrigued me from the beginning and held me tight so that I had to keep reading.  In fact, I read this book straight through.
Deception, rules, and mysteries abound.  Every turn has your mind whirling. You will want to cheer and yet hold back because you know there is more to hear and learn.  The Kingmaker must complete 4 trials in order to pick the next king.  This trial has to do with the werewolves and finding out more about herself, her father, and her birth right.
I found no grammar, spelling or formatting issues which for me makes it an ‘A’ right away.  Nothing like errors to slow down or pull you completely out of the story, this was not the case with this story.  There was just enough description for me to see everything and not so much I got bored or tried to skip ahead.  The characters became real for me and had me cheering and booing them as the story progressed.
I am just blown away and I don’t want to leave this world Ms. Ford has woven around me.   I cannot wait to delve into the other 3 trails to find out what happens next.  I cannot say it well enough.  This was an excellent book that I would want to buy in hardback to be able to read it again.  I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review and I am very happy to say this book earned its 5 Bookgasums.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Book 1 of the Blood Borne Series
Shannon Mayer & Denise Grover Swank
Don’t be a nincompoop and pass up this book.
This is the first book in the new collaborated series Blood Borne.  I was unsure how the book would be; even though I love both of the authors other works.  I just didn’t know how two people could each write parts and then have all the parts work together seamlessly.  I am glad to say the authors did a fabulous job of creating a full and rich story.
The book started out as more of a regular crime novel with a man looking into the front window of a Victoria’s Secret within a mall.  Yes, the first chapter was about vampires but it still seemed so ordinary and common, not what I would expect from a paranormal story. This is not a bad thing; it was just not what I had expected.
Each chapter is from one of the two main characters point of view.  I am not a fan of this style as it makes the reading choppy which in turn makes it harder for me to get drawn into the story and the characters world.  There were a few spelling and/or word usage errors in the first two chapters that also made my reading flow stumble.
It was great finding and reading a book with not one but two strong female leads.  The characters were well fleshed out making me want to find out more about them.  What happened in Iraq?  How were the hunters trained and by whom?  There is a lot more to learn about each of the ladies and I cannot wait to find out more.
I did receive an ARC for a honest review.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Veil

The Veil
Book 1 of the Devil’s Isle Series
Chloe Neill
4 Stars
A thin line is the only thing that protects us
When I first got the book I was hesitant to read it.  I thought for sure I wouldn’t like it, whether that was due to the title or the cover I don’t know.  What finally got me to read it was the author, Chloe Neill.  Now I don’t mean we talk about my worries, I mean that I am a fan of hers.  She has another series, the Chicagoland Vampires.  I love this series with the great detail to the descriptions,  the wonderfully developed characters, and a little humor and romance interweaved with the action and suspense.
I will admit I wasn’t hooked by this book.  I have read other books that take place in New Orleans and I always have a problem seeing the scene.  I am sure this is one of the reasons I had difficulty getting into the story.  For me the Devil’s Isle reminded me of a prison of war camp from WWII and this was my biggest issue.
However, I did like the characters and I want to learn more about Clair and her tinkering skills and hear more about all the treasures in her shop.  I will be ordering the second book in the Devil’s Isle series.
I did not notice any grammar or spelling issues, which is a big pet peeve for me.  If I have to stop reading to give a word or sentence a second look, it pulls me out of the world created in the book.  Overall, it was a well written story and you should take a chance on it.  I give the book 4 stars.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


The Elemental Series
Book 3
Shannon Mayer
5 Bookgasums
Each book in this series just gets better and better.
For me the character development was slow in the beginning but now I am at that point where I find myself wanting to yell at some of the characters and hug others.  I feel there is a complete, full development of the characters, the setting and the story in general.
I like how the character names in each ‘family’ comes from the element they embody. I could not wait to see what names Ms Mayer came up with for the Fire family as I was having a hard time trying to figure out fire names.
The story pace is steady and action packed with intrigue and a budding romance mixed in.  I did not notice any major grammar errors or I am so enthralled by the story I do not even notice them.
I cannot wait to find out more of Lark’s story, especially since I know where she will end up in the future.  I also want to learn more about the old recluse wolf who has been helping Lark along the way.
If you want to find out more, please check out Ms Mayer’s other fantastic series with the Tracker Rylee and her Scooby-Doo like band of friends.  You will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Red Hot Candy

Red Hot Candy Analogy
Braving Love
SJ Mayer

For the last 20 years I have only read paranormal but when I saw one of my favorite authors had a story in this analogy I figured I would show my support.  I am so glad I read her story.  It was a story very close to my own heart.
“Too bad one stunt gone wrong could put a man out of the game for good”.  This quote really stuck a cord with me and by changing a few words this sentence can be applied to all of us at some point in time.  We must all remember to tread carefully yet live fully each and every day.
I found no issues with grammar, spelling or formatting.  I was able to read the entire story in one sitting without needing to stop to re-read or to figure out what the author was trying to say.  For me, this automatically gives the book a 4 bookgasum rating.  Add a great story line, originality and great character development and the story gets a 5 bookgasum rating.
I look forward to reading more from SJ Mayer .

Need your help

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Udderly Fantastic

Some Were In Time: Shift Happens Book 2
Robyn Peterman
WTF agents, wedding dresses, and were cows

Were cows are more dangerous than were dragons.  Who knew?
I just love the quirky humor and the potty mouth words that make you wonder if they really count as bad words. 
“I’d bet my left boob, it’s the bigger one, that they know what     happened.”
"It's gonna be a cluster womper of a bunghole….”
I have previously read book one in this series, Ready to Were, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Robyn has again hit it out of the park.  This latest episode does not disappoint with action and quirkiness grabbing you from the first page.  I laughed so hard in places that I had to blink the tears out of my eyes in order to keep reading.
Of course, there are also great lessons to learn within the pages.  Such as, it is always polite to wear panties while trying on wedding dresses.  Now, that is a great piece of wisdom.
The storyline was unique.  I did not have to stop due to editing or formatting issues.  The descriptions were great.  I picked this book up and did not sit it down until I had finished the entire story.

Book 2: Some Were in Time

Book 1: Ready to Were

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jace: Wolves of the Rising Sun

Jace:  Wolves of the Rising Sun
Kenzie Cox
Bayous, hot men, and Betsy the gator
Ms. Cox does a fabulous job with her descriptions of not only the people and their actions but of the bayou as well.  She brings the bayou and the river to life.  I could feel the dampness in the air, see the moss hanging from the trees and the subconscious knowledge that there were creatures out there watching me from their hiding places.
The novella starts off quickly and moves at a fast pace so the reader is never bored or left wondering where the story was going.  I liked the tattoos, especially how Skye described what she thought the paw prints represented.  This book was just over too quickly.  I want to find out more.
The only thing I had an issue with was the style.  Each chapter was written in either Jace’s or Skye’s voice and I am not a fan of this style as is causes me a moment of confusion at the beginning of every chapter and I really dislike my reading flow being stopped.
However, I would not let that stop me from reading more from Kenzie Cox, as her storyline, characters and her descriptive style are wonderful.  I found no flaws or other distractions.  Truly a master story teller.

Friday, May 1, 2015


This is not a review, instead it is a call for help.  I have put together a fundraiser for Dave Heins and Family to help with the hidden cost of Dialysis.

Please take a few minutes and do a little shopping to help out .


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spirits, Stilettos, and a Silver Bustier

Spirits, Stilettos, and a Silver Bustier
-Deanna Chase
First off, I love the title and it was what made me decide to read the book.  I have read 1 ½ of the Jade series which this book is an offshoot of and while those books were well written they just didn’t snag me and bring me in all of the way.  I only bring this up so you can rest assured that you do not need to have read the other series before reading this one.  I had no issue knowing what was going on.  There are definite hints that certain characters have a history together but that just made me want to maybe give the Jade series a second chance.
Pyper sounds similar to myself in her attitude, demeanor and clothing choices that I wonder if she may be my long lost twin. (lol)   I found Julius interesting, but then, who wouldn’t find a ghost who could also appears human uninteresting.   
Did not see the twist coming.  Even though the story was mostly wrapped up, with only 15% of the book to go, I in no way saw the twist coming.  Love it!  Most authors and stories just march on in an expected order and I usually see twist coming a ways off but not this time.  The twist added so much more depth and detail to the story that I cannot wait to read the next book in the Pyper series.
Deanna Chase is a creative writer who takes the time to form her characters and their world.  You will not find grammar, sentence, ‘verbiage’ or similar errors within her books.  The same can be said with the editing and formatting for those of you that maybe purchasing this book for your Kindle (like I did).  For me there is nothing worse than having to stop reading for either a grammar type error or a formatting error, like giant spaces between words.  If this is something that bothers you, too, then rest assured you will never have this issue with a book by Deanna Chase.  You should also check out her Jade and her Crescent City Fae series.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Twisted Bloodlines Series 1-3

Book Info-
Title- Twisted Bloodlines
Series- Twisted Bloodlines #1
By- Linda Jackson
Genre- Paranormal Romance

Megan has never had what most would call a normal life.

Her childhood and teen years were spent on the run with her family, hiding from a horror so great it defines their world. Friends and homes are traded at a moment’s notice to escape from their worst nightmares.

Years pass, and her mother settles down with her new step-father, a kind man who does his best to protect them. Life lulls into a safe pace, and Megan finally feels as though she has control of her future for the first time in her life. But that peace is shattered with the arrival of a new family member, one that bears a striking resemblance to a savior of her past…

Confused by her deep emotional connection to him, things unravel fast. She learns that the people she lives with, even her own family, are not what they seem. Her only friend who helped her piece her life back together changes overnight, and she is left dealing with the fallout on her own…

As events unfold, Megan finds herself face to face with the horror that has haunted her since childhood. But will she be able to escape from her twisted bloodline?


Book Info-
Title- Conceived From Evil
Series- Twisted Bloodlines # 2
By- Linda Jackson
Genre- Paranormal Romance

Having been rescued from a living nightmare by her newfound friends, Callie tries to come to terms with what was done to her. Distraught with the way she feels towards one of the residents in her new home, she finds herself the object of another unwanted affection as things soon spiral out of her control.

Finding out she is no longer the orphan she thought she was, her family begin to creep out of the woodwork. She soon realizes they are more terrifying than the beast who lives in her nightmares. With her enemy list growing by the minute, Callie finds out she is not so different from the people around her as fiction becomes reality, leaving Callie, and those she loves, fighting… for her life.


Book Info-
Title- Curses and Deception
Series- Twisted Bloodlines # 3
By- Linda Jackson
Genre- Paranormal Romance

After the dramatic rescue of Megan, Trey wakes up to find himself held prisoner, trapped in a dreary dungeon with the beast inside of him bound. Being away from the chaos of his everyday life, he has a chance to get his head on straight and figure out how to tame the wolf. Or so he thought. His dungeon cellmate has captured his attention, and the beast inside is far from happy about it.

With a battle of wills raging inside, Trey and his cellmate attempt to escape the dungeon, but it’s only the first hurdle. With time ticking against them, they make their way through the maze ahead, desperate to escape. Will Trey get to explore his feelings towards her?

Or will the beast scare her off for good?



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Linda Jackson

About the Author-
I love to write, always have done since I was a child. I also love to draw anything and everything! Reading is also my passion as is music.My first book in my paranormal book series is due out on 5th June 2013, published by Moon Rose Publishing.

Twisted Bloodlines Website-

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Alpha & Omega

<a href=""><img class=" size-full wp-image-6148 aligncenter" src="" alt="AlphaOmegaBlitz" width="815" height="315" /></a>

<strong>Alpha and Omega</strong>
by <strong><i><a href="">K Webster</a></i></strong>
<i><a href="">Alpha and Omega #1</a></i>
<strong>Publication Date:</strong> February 16, 2015
<strong>Genres:</strong> <a href="">Contemporary</a>, <a href="">Paranormal</a>, <a href="">Romance</a>
<p style="text-align: center;"><a href=""><img class="alignnone  wp-image-5733" src="" alt="A&amp;O front only" width="512" height="770" /></a></p>

<h2 style="text-align: center;">Synopsis</h2>
<p style="text-align: left;">For six years, a tough wannabe guardian angel named Alpha has worked hard to prove his worth at HEA Corp. His partner, Omega, has been with him every step of the way. Known affectionately by the other ladies in their sector as Hottie and Dreamy, they’re the dynamic duo and a sure bet to become Seraph Guardians and get their wings. The elite SG protect the good souls of Earth from meeting untimely deaths.</p>
Currently, Alpha and Omega are Minders who protect the not so innocent until HEL Enterprises, HEA’s sister company, sends their Reapers to collect what’s theirs. As training ends, the partners are made aware of their final assignment.
Lark Miller.

Alpha has read her file—she’s the worst of the worst—a drug addict loser with a dark, hidden past. On his final assignment, not only do they change the rules of the game by stripping these Minders of their powers and extending the terms of their protection, but they also send in one of HEL’s top Levarthians, a spicy Latina named Lovenia, to shake things up.

Alpha and Omega know they have to keep their heads in the game and their hearts free from distraction.

But what happens when a Minder develops feelings for the one they’re supposed to protect? What happens when the rules become unclear and things aren’t what they seem?

Will Alpha and Omega fly through this one last challenge and fulfill their destiny? Or is there a warm place waiting in the basement of HEL just for them should they fail?

<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Add to Goodreads" /></a></center>
<div class="ubb-about-author">
<h2 style="text-align: center;">About K. Webster</h2>
<div class="ubb-author-photo"><img class="attachment-ubb-author-photo aligncenter" src="" alt="K Webster2" width="170" height="200" /></div>
I love my husband of 11 years and sweet kids. My passions include reading, writing, graphic design, and shopping! I absolutely love social media and the power of how it connects people all over the world. You can usually find me easily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads!
<p class="author-links" style="text-align: center;"><a href="" target="_blank">Website</a> • <a href="" target="_blank">Blog</a> • <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a> • <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a> • <a href="" target="_blank">Goodreads</a></p>
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Buy Links
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Novel Information

Alpha and Omega
K Webster
Alpha and Omega #1
Publication Date: February 16, 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Gregor: Stone Society Book 2
Faith Gibson
4 ½ Bookgasums
A great urban fantasy series.  If you have not read book one (Rafael) then make sure to get ahold of that one too.  This book starts you off with a bang.  “If you are gonna ride, Stud, make sure you pull my hair.”
I have always loved gargoyles and wondered why there were not more books and movies about them.  This series gives you shifters, post-apocalyptic society, genetically altered humans (Unholy), mystery, HEAs, and steamy sex.   There is definitely something in this series for everyone.
The story line is creative, the characters come to live, and its descriptive without becoming boring.  The grammar, spelling, and editing into the Kindle format were near perfect.  You will be able to read this without stopping and trust me you won’t want to put it down.  I cannot wait to read the next installment and I have added Ms. Gibson to my ‘favorite’ list so I will get notifications on new releases.

Friday, February 6, 2015

4 Bookgasums

Captive Potential
 Barbara Garren
4 Bookgasums
This is a love story that crosses the genre boarders.  If you are not a fan of paranormal romance and don’t think you would like this book, you are mistaken.  Ms. Garren’s words flow smoothly and are very descriptive.  You will laugh and cry along with the characters as you read this great book.  Here is just a sample; “I need him to know he is the blood running though my veins, the spark that fires my heart and the very essence that is my soul.”
I have to say this book was very original and could really be placed under several genres.  Ms. Garren is able to not only pull the reader into the story but she is able to make the characters come to life.  Many times throughout the story the words read more like beautiful poetry than just an average weekend book read.
“My love for Aiden is a deep, red pulse, burning with a slow and steady warmth that assuaged my loss, seeping to my very core, bleeding into every pore, every fiber of who I am, until I can’t breathe, can’t move can’t be without him near.”
This book is worth reading at any price.  The editing, grammar, and structure into Kindle format were superb.  There are many New York Times top 10 list books I have read on my Kindle that had more than a few errors, which is one of my pet peeves.  I am so happy that the formatting and editing on this book were flawless.
If you are looking for something to read, I would highly recommend taking the time to check out this book as well as book 1. (Infinite Potential).  It will keep you riveted and not wanting to put it down.
Social Links:
Twitter: @bak229
Buy Links:
Infinite Potential

Amazon UK:

Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 Bookgasums

Shadows of the Ancients
Falling into the White
Christine Butler
5 Bookgasums!
Wow!  Just finished and can’t stop smiling and have ‘happy’ tears running down my face.
Normally this book would have only gotten a 4 due to a few proof reading problems but the story itself just really deserves a 5+.
 The coming of the Great White Wolf ruler who hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years.  The writer shows the growth of a girl into the greatest of Alphas, first love found and lost, true soul bonding, and even the evils that people will commit to keep their power and control over all others.
I cannot say enough to praise this book.  This is a must, must read book and well worth the money.  At the time that I write this book one is free on Amazon Kindle so please give it a try. Shadow of the Ancients.  (
Book 2 Falling into the White

Find Christine on Facebook @

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Queen of Swords Review

Nina Mason
4 bookgasums

This book has a little of everything you would want in a paranormal romance.  Witches, vampires, Tarot Cards, and an evil wizard.
There was danger, romance, and flashbacks to times past.
I liked how the hero of the story had the dark, bad boy vibe and we were able to see why he is that way. 

Reading the story was effortless, engaging, emotional. Grammar, verb tense, spelling and story idea were very well done with a nearly flawless editing allowed me to keep my reading flow smooth and even.

*Sex scenes and sex talk in the book were for 18+ audience.

*Warning to sensitive readers: Sexual rape/torture.  This could be upsetting to some readers.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Den and Breakfast book review

Den and Breakfast (Book 1 of the Honeycomb Falls series)
By Cassie Wright
What a heck of a day and a start to a book.  Death.  Death of family. Death of a job. Death of a relationship.  But with all death, new life grows.
A well written book with descriptive verbiage, allowing me to see the countryside and even the old bridge.  Grammar and verb tense was superb enabling me to read without pause.  This is definitely an author I will be adding to my reading list and making a favorite on Amazon and Goodreads.
Steamy sex scenes that served a purpose and weren’t just added to sell books.  Characters that you can get behind and a touch of mystery so that I want to read more of the series to find out about them.
There was a scene where the little Asian lady hit a mean werewolf over the head with a mop that normally would have had me laughing but I was so caught up in the moment and terrified for everyone’s safety that I couldn’t laugh until after I was done with that situation.
Letters from the dead.  After Mama B’s last letter, I cannot wait to read the next book and see how everyone’s lives grow and change.  I can’t wait to find out more about the mysterious cook and housekeeper.  Have book 2 loaded in my Kindle and will start reading it as soon as I post this.