Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blood of the Lost

Blood of the Lost
Book 10 of the Rylee Adamson Series
Shannon Mayer
4.5 Bookgasums
Just three little words will rock your world to the core.
I could not give this final book in one of my favorite series 5 bookgasums due to the first person point of view style it was written in.  I am not a fan of this style where every chapter is a different character’s point of view.  This style slows down my reading, causes me confusion and makes it very hard to get into the story.
I went into this book not really wanting to read it because I didn’t want to see this series end and because I knew there would be emotional losses that would have me in tears.  The last 25% of the book I was in tears or sobbing to the point I couldn’t see the book.  Be warned; have tissues close by.
Don’t let what I have said so far turn you away from this book.  Ms. Mayer did a superb job ending the story.  She was able to mention all of Rylee’s ‘family’; both those alive and those that have died along the way in this 10 book series.
The book was free of grammar, typos, and formatting issues.  As I stated before, the characters though out the series were mentioned and all the loose ends were tied up so readers are not left wondering what happened to so and so.  Yes, there will be tears but some will be tears of remembered happiness too. 
Ms. Mayer has a new series starring Lark, who we have met in 2 of the Rylee books.  I am hoping we get to visit with some of the Rylee crew again within the Elemental series.  Blood of the Lost is a must read book.

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