Monday, July 18, 2016

No Were to Run

No Were to Run
Robyn Peterman
4 Bookgasums
If ‘asscanoe’ offends you, then this is not the book or author for you.
Ms. Peterman’s sense of humor will have you laughing out loud or banging your head against a wall. Heck, you might just do both. Along with action and humor there are many, many new colorful words to learn. Make sure to include them in your next conversation with a co-worker or loved one.
There were a handful of grammar issues but they didn’t seem to slow down my reading or my enjoyment. I read this story on a Kindle and had no formatting issues. Overall I would say the book is solid and there should be no major issues to give you a technical headache.
I did end up with a crying headache by the end of the book but every touching, crying scene was from tears of happiness. Ms. Peterman really knows how to draw you into the characters and their world. I cannot wait to spend time with everyone in Hung and I am especially looking forward to see how Sandy handles Hung’s naught sheriff.

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