Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Honey & Hisses

Honey and Hisses
Book 3 of the Venom Trilogy
Shannon Mayer
5 Bookgasums
Technical/Formatting:  I read the book in the Mobi/Kindle version and found no issues with the formatting.
Story Line: The story starts where book two left off and lead readers easily back into the world of Venom.  Ms. Mayer finishes the story off in a way that most of a reader’s questions are answered and the reader is not left hanging and wondering.
Character Development: Zelda and all of the other characters are well developed and feel as if they are real. You can really come to love or hate the characters which to me is a true sign of how well written the characters are.
Grammar and Other Nit Picking: If there were any errors I was too engrossed in the book to notice them.  Here comes my nit picking.  It felt to me as if Ms. Mayer was almost too tidy in the ending of this story.  As if she knew she was leaving too many unanswered questions.  I like that she did not leave us hanging and wondering but to me its too perfectly wrapped up and some of it is just too unrealistic. I would still like to see this trilogy turned into a full series and see how the world reacts too all of the things that came out during the trilogy.

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