Monday, December 22, 2014


Cynthia St. Aubin
Humpty Dumpty is a god of gods, Goldy Locks is a porn star, and the 3 bears are hit men
My husband asked me what I was reading so intently that I didn’t hear him the first time he asked me.  I told him Humpty Dumpty was banging Goldy Locks while the 3 bears listened.  My husband just shook his head, mumbled something and walked away.  Only Ms. St. Aubin can give you that sort of ammo to use on someone who is bothering you while you are reading. 
I would say the author does an exceptional job of drawing the reader into the story.  Ms. St. Aubin has a great imagination and ability to take characters from mythology and fairytales and create an inventive, humorous, and suspenseful story.  With each new book in this series, I am becoming more and more a fan and I cannot wait to continue with the next book in the series.

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