Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jace: Wolves of the Rising Sun

Jace:  Wolves of the Rising Sun
Kenzie Cox
Bayous, hot men, and Betsy the gator
Ms. Cox does a fabulous job with her descriptions of not only the people and their actions but of the bayou as well.  She brings the bayou and the river to life.  I could feel the dampness in the air, see the moss hanging from the trees and the subconscious knowledge that there were creatures out there watching me from their hiding places.
The novella starts off quickly and moves at a fast pace so the reader is never bored or left wondering where the story was going.  I liked the tattoos, especially how Skye described what she thought the paw prints represented.  This book was just over too quickly.  I want to find out more.
The only thing I had an issue with was the style.  Each chapter was written in either Jace’s or Skye’s voice and I am not a fan of this style as is causes me a moment of confusion at the beginning of every chapter and I really dislike my reading flow being stopped.
However, I would not let that stop me from reading more from Kenzie Cox, as her storyline, characters and her descriptive style are wonderful.  I found no flaws or other distractions.  Truly a master story teller.

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