Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Udderly Fantastic

Some Were In Time: Shift Happens Book 2
Robyn Peterman
WTF agents, wedding dresses, and were cows

Were cows are more dangerous than were dragons.  Who knew?
I just love the quirky humor and the potty mouth words that make you wonder if they really count as bad words. 
“I’d bet my left boob, it’s the bigger one, that they know what     happened.”
"It's gonna be a cluster womper of a bunghole….”
I have previously read book one in this series, Ready to Were, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Robyn has again hit it out of the park.  This latest episode does not disappoint with action and quirkiness grabbing you from the first page.  I laughed so hard in places that I had to blink the tears out of my eyes in order to keep reading.
Of course, there are also great lessons to learn within the pages.  Such as, it is always polite to wear panties while trying on wedding dresses.  Now, that is a great piece of wisdom.
The storyline was unique.  I did not have to stop due to editing or formatting issues.  The descriptions were great.  I picked this book up and did not sit it down until I had finished the entire story.

Book 2: Some Were in Time

Book 1: Ready to Were

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