Monday, December 14, 2015

Jenna's Flaw

Jenna’s Flaw
Lee Tasey
It is not always the night we need to fear but rather the darkness from within.
This story will leave you wanting more and possibly wanting to shake the author too.  Mr. Tasey spins a very descriptive tale of not only a grad student’s life in a Midwestern, football crazed college town, but also the tale of how quickly and easily we can all be compelled and deceived into things we never wanted to believe in.  Like great writers I have read in the past, Mr. Tasey leaves the reader with more questions and wondering not only about the book but pondering these same questions onto their personal lives as well.
Lately I have only been reading romantic comedies which I love but after reading Jena’s Flaw I found myself remembering some of the great writers in the past.  Mr. Tasey’s work reminds me of H. P. Lovecraft with a dash of Mary Shelley.  Both of these authors’ works talked of how we strive for greatness but soon regret and fear that which we have created.  They also leave us with greater questions about God and what else is out there besides man.
Now on to my grading of the book.
 Let me start with what I didn’t like.  For me the pacing was a bit slow and it took sometime before getting to what I would call the ‘meat’ of the story.  The story didn’t really grab me until I was about half way through the book. However, I think this could also have been because I was not use to reading a book of such substance in quite awhile nor had I ever read a book dealing with possessions and otherworld entities.  So please do not judge the book too much on this paragraph of my review.
Grammar and spelling were spot on.  I rarely see a book that is so clean and sharp.  I tend to deduct at least ½ a star for grammar/spelling issues but that will not be the case with this book.  Since I read this book in paper instead of a Kindle/mobi format, I cannot answer formatting questions.
As I have stated, I am not use to this sub genre of paranormal so for me the plot was original and interesting.  Having grown up close to Lincoln, Nebraska, it was interesting seeing the town through the eyes of someone from the west coast.  While some of the places in the book were fictitious there were some that I knew exactly where they were and what he was talking about.  
As I stated at the beginning, the book was very descriptive.  This allowed me to not only see the action going on but I think it also helped bring the characters to life for me as well.  While reading, I could hear Jena smacking her gum while her hip was cocked as she leaned against the bus and she twirled a lock of her hair in boredom. 
If you want to find out more about Mr. Tasey and his other works please visit him on Facebook and/or Amazon.

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