Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Maggie Goes to Hollywood

Maggie Goes to Hollywood (Maggie MacKay Magical Tracker Book 6)
Kate Danley
4 Bookgasums
A new evil has set up home, in Hollywood no less.
I loved the newest book in the Maggie MacKay series.  It was great to see old characters and meet new ones along the way.  Never a dull story when you dive into Maggie’s world.
As far as grammar, spelling, and punctuation I had to take off an entire bookgasum due to the same issue between 5-10 times.  Wrong words were used.  Completely wrong words were used, not misspellings or similar words but completely wrong words like using ‘driveway’ when you mean ‘peanut butter’.  I feel by the time a writer has re-read their work, it is read by 2 beta readers, relatives and an editor or some combination of these the errors I found should never have been there, especially the number of them that I found.  I expect better than this from an author with so many good books on her shelf.  These errors made me stop reading to figure out what was going on and then to wonder why they were not caught and fixed before publication.  This is one of my three top peeves when I am reading.
The storyline was great.  It brought a return of some of the great characters you will find in Maggie’s world.  This time though we may need to find new characters to hate as some of those we thought were enemies are now frienemies.  Ms Danley does a great job of keeping her readers guessing and second guessing.
If you loved the first five books in the series then rest assured you will love this one too.  You won’t want to put the book down until the very end and then you will be looking to see when book seven will be released.
If you are new to Maggie, then please start with book one in the series so you can get the character development from the very beginning.
A must read series!

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