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Rylee: The Rylee Adamson Epilogues Book 1 Shannon Mayer
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I was super excited to see that Rylee was back, yet at the same time I was still heartbroken over the loss of Alex.  Ms Mayer’s mentions Alex throughout the book which made the book bittersweet as I am still not over his loss.  Just a few pages into the book and I was tearing up with the memories of those we lost in the books and the thought of those precious babies, children, and those yet to be born never getting to know their parents.  Yuppers, grab your tissues it will be an emotional read for many of you.
I will say that with all of the death and destruction at the end of the Rylee series, it was nice to see so many babies.  It was also nice to see Rylee come to terms with what she has become and what she has lost. Like everything Rylee does, she embraced her new identity and even gave it and her a new title.  No longer a Tracker, Rylee is now a Huntress.  Along with the old and new members of the gang, they have a new mission or would that be a new twist to the original mission?  Find and protect the children.
“Things change, times change, and I changed with them.” 
Ms Mayer has given life to a finished series and has done so beautifully.  It feels like we have only turned the page since the final book in the Rylee series and we are off again on a new and exciting adventure.  Ms Mayer does a wonderful job with the weaving of the storyline and the character development and you are drawn into the gang’s lives right from the start.
There were only two or three spelling errors but I am sure Ms Mayer will get these corrected and an updated version of the book will be put out ASAP or maybe it already has. I had no formatting issues reading this story on my Kindle.  Overall, I only had to stop once and that was mainly to laugh at the wrong word (darn spell-check) that had been used.
There is a reason Ms Mayer is on my top 5 authors list.  I am sure she will soon be on your list as well.  Cannot wait for more, which a little birdie told me would be coming very soon.

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