Friday, January 20, 2017

Fangs and Fennel

Fangs and Fennel
Book 2 of the Venom Trilogy
Shannon Mayer
5 Bookgasums
“Kitty puke on cookie sheets”
Technical/Formatting:  I read the book in the Mobi/Kindle version and found no issues with the formatting.
Story Line:  Alena’s story continues and she is up against a new ‘hero’, Theseus.  She is also battling the prejudges of the humans and the court.  Will she prevail?  Will Zeus or any other gods help her or hinder her?
“Kitty puke on cookie sheets”  I just loved this line and find Alena’s use of cuss words similar to mine.
Character Development: Zelda and all of the other characters are well developed and feel as if they are real. You can really come to love or hate the characters which to me is a true sign of how well written the characters are.
Grammar and Other Nit Picking: I don’t think I found any spelling error. The book and the series are one of my all time favorites.

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