Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The Rylee Adamson Epilogues Book 3
Shannon Mayer
4.5 Bookgasums
Technical/Formatting:  I read the book in the Mobi/Kindle version and found no issues with the formatting.
Story Line:  The story grabs you right from the start and never lets you down.  Not sure what it was but something Raven said or did had me wondering about his connection to Pamela right from the beginning so I couldn’t put the book down.  I had to see if I was right or not.  I love the Tracker series so having these side stories/books helps keep the story alive.
Character Development: Pamela, Raven, and all of the other characters are well developed and feel as if they are real. You can really come to love or hate the characters which to me is a true sign of how well written the characters are.
Grammar and Other Nit Picking: I don’t remember any spelling error or they were not so bad as to stop the story flow.  I was too engrossed in the story and wondering about the Pam and Raven connection that I didn’t notice anything which to me is a sign of an excellent book.

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