Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 Bookgasums

Shadows of the Ancients
Falling into the White
Christine Butler
5 Bookgasums!
Wow!  Just finished and can’t stop smiling and have ‘happy’ tears running down my face.
Normally this book would have only gotten a 4 due to a few proof reading problems but the story itself just really deserves a 5+.
 The coming of the Great White Wolf ruler who hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years.  The writer shows the growth of a girl into the greatest of Alphas, first love found and lost, true soul bonding, and even the evils that people will commit to keep their power and control over all others.
I cannot say enough to praise this book.  This is a must, must read book and well worth the money.  At the time that I write this book one is free on Amazon Kindle so please give it a try. Shadow of the Ancients.  (
Book 2 Falling into the White

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